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Super spend analysis publiceert op haar website een artikel over ‘spend analyses’. Zeven bedrijven krijgen lof toegezwaaid over de gevolgde tactiek. Zeven leuke praktijksituaties bij grote internationale bedrijven. Het artikel was waardevoller geweest als er naar meer was gekeken dan slechts de positieve aspecten.

First. let us let us say that the entry pool for Purchasing’s new annual Spend Analysis award competition was spectacular. Nominees that were not chosen for distinction this year are clearly on a pathway to success. just too early in their change processes to have achieved (or to be willing to speak publicly) about their significant achievements in terms of corporate spend control. The winners. profiled in the following pages. are companies that go beyond simply capturing spend data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) or transactional electronic procurement systems. They go beyond making periodic. backward looking spend data reports available to commodity strategists or sourcing teams. The winners are companies constructing complete 360

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