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Siemens: Serving Internal Customers

In the late 1990s. electronics company Siemens decided it wanted to give its employees one place to shop for indirect goods. That destination. went live in 2000. and is supported by Siemens BuySide Marketplace. USA (Siemens BSM).

At a high level. Click2Procure is doing fine thanks to supplier acceptance (45 major Siemens suppliers are aboard). plenty of content (1.5 million SKUs). and internal traction (in the form of about 13.000 registered users).

Still. every system generates customer services issues. and Click2Procure is no exception. That’s why. as the system went live. Siemens BSM contracted with an outsourcer in Dallas to handle telephone calls from Click2Procure users.

While the outsourcer generally did a “good job” — according to Dains Mathew. manager of customer services for Siemens BSM — there was an issue with tabulating customer input. “I got Excel spreadsheets at the end of every month.” Mathew recalls. “The fields were minimum. we couldn’t completely see customer issues.”

These issues could span supplier complaints (purchase orders not going through. wrong pricing in catalogs) or systems issues (login problems. for instance. or basic misunderstanding of the Click2Procure interface). Either way. Siemens BSM didn’t want to have to guess at customer service solutions. so the company brought in trouble reporting software from specialty vendor RightNow.

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