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Sustainable Sourcing in the Industry

22 juni 2021

Do you understand your upstream supply chains to create full transparency? Are you able to give the right answers to your customers if they ask how sustainable your products are and where the raw (even natural) materials are coming from?

During the webinar Johannes Rogaar will share with you his experience and zoom in how to change from tier-1 supplier audits to full supply chain transparency. The expectations of customers for good practices can reach out beyond your company to your supplier and even their upstream supply chains. Join the webinar “Sustainable sourcing in the Industry” to learn all about it.

During this event, the following will be discussed:

• Stakeholders’ awareness and expectations on sustainability have significantly increased
• Has an assessment of the company’s potential been done?
• What are (commercial) benefits of proper attention for sustainability in the supply chain?
• Customer experience: compliance vs differentiation


3:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
  More information will follow soon
5:00 p.m. End of webinar

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