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What is your procurement EQ?

9 oktober 2015

Remaining competitive in industries is dependent on the capabilities companies assemble across their supply networks. Procurement professionals function as an important link to these supply networks. This requires a long-term supplier relationship focus and consequently comes with a different set of required skills. The main differentiating factor for procurement professionals is the possession of a strong EQ. Soft skills like perceiving, understanding and being able to collaborate is what truly makes the difference.

This year’s conference will highlight the importance of developing soft skills and will give you tools and ideas on how to further develop these skills. The conference will focus on:
1. The importance of the ‘how’ instead of the ‘what’;
2. Building and maintaining supply chain partnerships;
3. Being an ambassador

With a changing and dynamic world, the ‘how’ instead of the ‘what’ becomes more important. What is the added value of a great deal no one uses? Or a deal that results in financial savings but destroys relationships with suppliers or stakeholders?

Procurement focuses on creating value chains and better utilizing the skills of suppliers on a long-term basis. This changes the relationship between buyers and sellers. Supply chain partnerships are now key for obtaining long-term competitive advantages. To be able to build partnerships, hard skills like contract management and financial analysis will still be required.
However, it is crucial that procurement professionals act as ambassadors of their organization. As they need to represent their business. This requires knowing how to interact with suppliers and successfully manage relationships. Thus attitude, personal interactions, communication skills, listening skills, networking, taking initiative and a good understanding of how people work, behave and interact is what sets a procurement professional apart.

The theme of this year’s conference is thus: “what is your procurement EQ?”. During the 5thedition of the YPP conference on the 9th of October hosted at Achmea in Zeist, the YPP will make a deep dive into what procurement EQ is and how to further develop it. Through workshops and speakers we hope to give you practical insights and food for thought on how to really listen to your supply chain and act upon that. With participants and speakers from various industries it promises to be another successful event.

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