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Design Sprint: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

27 januari 2022

As the threats of the climate crisis become ever more real, the onus is on businesses to future-proof their operations through effective engagement with the supply chain. From collaborative initiatives to spur collective action, through to thorough analysis of our supplier management processes – now is the time for procurement leaders to accelerate change and further prove procurement as a value driving function.

However, this can’t be done without effective processes and systems in place. But where do you start? How can you strengthen your supplier management strategy and mitigate risk if you don’t have full visibility and transparency of your supply chain? How do you prioritise ESG initiatives in your procurement strategy at a time when sourcing challenges are so prevalent?

Join us for this design sprint where as an exclusive group we tackle these questions together and find new ways to move from risk to resilience by championing sustainability, increasing transparency and engaging more effectively with suppliers.


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