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Advanced partnering

Uitgebreid artikel in ‘’ over het aangaan van partnerships door inkopers met leveranciers (enigzins toegespits op MRO). Alleen voor degenen die het alleen kunnen geen verplichte kost.

Inleiding artikel: “This month’s annual report on MRO (maintenance. repair. operations) buying takes purchasing’s point of view and looks at sourcing operations at three manufacturing companies in diverse industries and ways they successfully manage relationships with supplier partners. All three achieve purchasing objectives by working with distributors to lower inventory levels. improve process efficiency. enhance customer service and reduce costs. The distributors in turn appear to have good working relationships with their manufacturer suppliers. In tandem with manufacturers. the distributors are able to help their customers with technical expertise. tri-lateral price negotiations and product standardization efforts.”

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Partner van Inkoperscafé
Partner van Inkoperscafé


Partner van Inkoperscafé

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