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A Practical look at RFID

In ‘Supply Chain Management Review’ verscheen een artikel over RFID (radio frequency identification). Is het een hype. een mythe of een revolutie? Het artikel zet het uiteen en vertelt over de ervaringen bij WalMart. Hieronder een inleiding op het artikel en de link naar het artikel zelf.

“We’ve all heard the hype about radio-frequency identification (RFID). Now it’s time to take a more realistic look at the opportunities brought about by this emerging technology. One thing appears certain: Supply chain managers need to start figuring out how they can leverage this technology for competitive advantage. For this variation on the old maxim will likely hold true: There are three certainties in life?death. taxes. and RFID.

A customer went to a large office-supply chain store to purchase a box of pens. He knew the exact brand. type. and color of pen (blue) that he wanted. After a few minutes. he found the slot on the bottom shelf that should have held the boxes of blue pens. The slot was full?but not of blue pens. It was full of black pens in the same type of generic. white boxes that also hold the blue pens. As he left the store without making a purchase. the buyer realized that this store likely had no idea that the blue pens were out of stock. Worse yet. the retailer had no idea that it had not only lost the sale of $15 of pens and $50 dollars of other items but also the customer’s loyalty when he found a similar box of blue pens at a competitor down the street. The retailer’s inventory process failed because it incorrectly slotted similar-looking items. causing a delay in the reorder of the blue pens.”

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Bron: Supply Chain Management Review

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